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Cemetery Signs

Nutron OSM is proud to be a supplier member, exhibitor, and contributor to the Catholic Cemetery Conference (CCC) and International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA)

Safety Signage. We've found a better way.

With the help of a leading Cemetery Association and legal liability experts, Nutron OSM has developed a Safety Signage system exclusively for cemeteries to promote visitor safety and help prevent owner liability. The safety sign displays word messages combined with graphic symbols that enhance communication value and alert the public to potential hazards and the means to avoid them. A rigid sign panel is UV and graffiti resistant while the frame system is exceptionally durable yet lightweight. The framing consists of poly-coated extruded aluminum posts, frames, and a rain shield. Frame system and sign panel can be easily assembled on site in 60 to 90 minutes. Click here to view a quick video showing the installation & design process! 

April 2018 Catholic Cemetery Magazine article
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Catholic Cemetery Magazine, Mar.2016 article: p27-28

Entrance Signage. Communicate Better.

Attractive and professional Entrance Signage needn't be expensive or difficult to install. The Nutron OSM sign and frame system easily assembles on your site in less than 90 minutes. Full color UV and graffiti resistant sign panels attach to our poly-coated extruded aluminum frames. Add your color images, special messages, rules & regulations, or some of our ideas for visitor wayfinding. Click here to view a quick video showing the installation & design process!

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Cemetery Information Signs

Cemetery Information & Road Signs

In coordination with several of our Cemetery customers we have developed a series of standardized signs for effectively directing on site traffic, identifying parking areas and building locations, marking walkways, as well as ANSI-OSHA approved Safety Hazard indentification. All signs are constructed from rust-free 60 mil white enameled aluminum, printed full color with a 9 mil heavy duty UV/scratch/graffiti resistant protective coating. Hole patterns match standard U Channel post configurations (1" hole centers, 3/8" holes). 

CML### (large) series: 12" x 8.5" (solid individually, minimum 5 signs per order, styles combinable)
CMS### (small) series: 7"x5" (sold in packs of 5 like signs)

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