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Foil Tags

Product Info

Standard imprint Foil Tags work for a host of common identification needs. Thin annealed foil has a very aggressive adhesive applied to the back that sticks to most any surface including metal, wood, plastic, etc. For use indoors and outdoors, they resist removal intact, and function well as seal identifiers. Supplied in speed strips, the .87"x1.87" tags are also available blank for on the spot marking. Styles are combinable for quantity pricing. Custom imprints available as well, email us for more info.

  • Part Numbers:

    • AB BLANK, Blank Tags, 500 per pack.
    • AB SERIES, Standard Imprints, 100 per pack.
  • Specifications: annealed alum., .87"x1,87", adh. back.

  • Price Schedule:
    • AB BLANK                                    AB SERIES

    • 1 pack of 500 @ $115.00               1 pack of 100 @ $99.00

    • 3 packs of 500 @ $103.50/pk         3 packs of 100 @ $86.50/pk       

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    To place your order, give us a call or send us an email.