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Graphic Property Markers

Product Info

These original plastic posted signs contain both symbols and word messages, transcending literacy and language barriers while helping to identify and protect property. Graphic Property Markers are made of semi-rigid plastic, weatherproof and fade resistant. Order by part number. Styles can be ordered in combination. Solid in packages of 10 (alike).

  • Part Numbers:

    • GPM101, No Trespassing
    • GPM102, Private Property
    • GPM104, No Hunting
    • GPM105, No Fishing
    • GPM106, No Hunting/No Fishing
    • GPM107, No Motorized Vehicles
    • GPM108, No Motorcycles
    • GPM109, No Snowmobiles
    • GPM110, Posted Hunting by Permission Only
    • GPM205, Danger Pesticide Storage
    • GPM206, Danger Keep Out, Pesticide
    • GPM207, Danger Keep Out, Flammable
    • GPM208, Danger High Voltage
    • GPM209, Danger No Smoking
    • GPM210, Danger, Chemical Storage
    • GPM304, No Dumping
    • GPM402, No Tree/Wood Cutting
    • GPM404, Notice Pesticide Storage
    • GPM502, Wildlife Study Do Not Disturb
    • GPM504, Managed Area, Timber
    • GPM505, Managed Area, Land
    • GPM510, Wetland Conservancy
  • Specifications: .055 HDPE,13.5"x8", printed 1-2 clr., cut to size. 10 per pack.
  • Price Schedule:

  • 1 pack of 10 @ $165.00

  • 3 packs of 10 @ $139.00/pk

  • 5 packs of 10 @ $119.00/pk

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