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Foil Property Tags

Product Info

Foil Property Tags provide a quick & inexpensive way of identifying USCG property or equipment. The solid foil is annealed and sticks easily to most any surface. Write on them with a ball point pen and leave an indelible mark or code if desired. The tags are supplied in speed strips die cut. Can also be special ordered in serialized or barcode formats, check with factory. Specify color (red or blue) when ordering.

    • Part Number: USCG105R, Foil Property Tags, Red, 100 per pack.

    • Part Number: USCG105B, Foil Property Tags, Blue, 100 per pack
  • Specifications: .005 x .8"x1.8", annealed foil, printed 1 clr., d.c. w/ adh. back. 
  • Price Schedule:

  • 1 pack @ $99.00
  • 3 packs @ $91.50/pk

  • 5 packs @ $71.00/pk

  • 10 packs @ $62.50/pk

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