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Smokey Bear Fire Prevention Posters

Product Info

Officially licensed by the US Forest Service, these beautiful Smokey Bear Posters function as economical reminders of our collective responsibility to prevent wildfires. Our growing collection currently offers 12 different stock posters for you to choose from. Sold in packs of 10 per style.

    • Part Numbers:

      • SBPS201, Smokey's Eye
      • SBPS202, Repeat After Me
      • SBPS203, Only You
      • SBPS204, Thanks For Listening
      • SBPS205, Think Thanks
      • SBPS206, America's Favorite Bear
      • SBPS207, Remember Among Friends
      • SBPS208, Understanding Fire Danger
      • PS752, Prevent Wildfires, Cabin
      • PS753, If Only, Prevent Wildfires
      • SBPS754, Keep Fire in Its Place
      • PS756, Drown Campfire Out Cold
    • Specifications: 100# poster stock, 12"x18", printed hi-res. 4 clr. w/ UV inks, aq. prot. coating. 10 posters per pack.
    • Price Schedule:

      Prevention Posters (10 alike posters per pack)

    • 1 pack @ $49.00

    • 5 packs @ $43.50/pk

    • 10 packs @ $38.50/pk

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