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Smokey Bear Message Signs

Product Info

Smokey Bear logos with the message “Only you can prevent wildfires” are a wonderful reminder of our responsibility to help prevent wildfires. Use as a stand alone message on buildings or park offices. They also work well with other informational signs. Smokey Bear Message Signs are printed by a special 4 color process and provide exceptional resolution of the Smokey icon. Smooth finish FRP is laser fabricated to a unique shape with eased corners and 3 mounting holes. Finished with our proprietary #2010 coating to provide years of weather and fade resistance. Mount with screws or nails to placards or buildings. Available in 2 sizes in blue or green versions.

    • Part Numbers:

      • SB1G, 17" Large Green Smokey Bear Message sign 
      • SB1B, 17"  Large Blue Smokey Bear Message sign
      • SB2G, 11" Small Green Smokey Bear Message sign
      • SB2B, 11" Small Blue Smokey Bear Message sign
    • Specifications: .09 FRP, printed 4 clr., #2010 UV resist. clear coat, profile cut unique shape, 3 mtg. hls. Minimum 2 signs per order.
    • Price Schedule:

    • SB1G & SB1B                   SB2G & SB2B

    • 1 @ $67.00/ea                   1 @ $42.50/ea

    • 5 @ $52.50/ea                   5 @ $39.00/ea


Smokey Bear Markers

Product Info

Identify trails or mark boundaries as you remind hikers, campers and park visitors of the “prevent wildfire” message. Aluminum Smokey Bear Markers display the woodcut Smokey artwork. Material and print process are weather and uv resistant to provide excellent durability for years of outdoor use. All markers are precision die cut with smooth edges and 2 or 4 mounting holes. Sold by the package, consult factory for bulk pricing.

  • Part Numbers:

    • SB4X4, 4"x4" Diamond Smokey Bear Boundary Marker
    • SB4.5D, 4.5" Round Smokey Bear Trail Marker
  • Specifications: .025 alum., printed & d.c. w/ 2-4 mtg. hls. 25 per package.
  • Price Schedule:

  • SB4X4 & SB4.5D 

  • 1 pack of 25 @ $115.00

  • 2 packs of 25 @ $88.00/pk

  • 5 packs of 25 @ $69.00/pk

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Order Info

To place your order, give us a call or send us an email.