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US Forest Service - Smokey Bear Wildfire Prevention Products & Fire Danger Rating Signs

These products help notify the public of conditions and potential for wildfire to occur. They provide clarity and continuity of message through different language and literacy barriers. Nutron OSM is a licensed Smokey Bear manufacturer by the US Forest Service. 

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Did you Know?

The Smokey Bear icon is the national symbol for wildfire prevention and education. A portion of the sales from officially licensed Smokey Bear manufacturers assists in providing education for wildfire protection through the US Forest Service,

A Little About Smokey

Smokey Bear, our national symbol for wildfire prevention will be celebrating his 70th birthday in 2014. Created by an Act of Congress (PL 82-359, as amended PL 92-318), the Smokey Bear Licensing Program funds wildfire prevention education.

Nationwide Coverage

Nutron OSM has one of the most complete offerings of licensed Smokey Bear products that communicate fire prevention including: Fire Danger Signs, Vehicle Signs, Bookmarks, Posters, Magnets, Banners and Markers. To date, our popular Fire Danger Rating Signs are installed in over 42 states ranging from Alaska to Florida.

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